David Teager-Portman’s sculptures are figurative and quasi-allegorical.  These sculptures fabricate a contemporary world of mythology – detached from our reality like artifacts from lost civilisations, forgotten eras or dream worlds.


Teager-Portman’s works range from monumental figures rife with the roughly hewn marks of making, to detailed smaller-scale pieces.  The sculptures depict estranged meanings; creating characters which express a mixture of direct, as well as ambiguous and duplicitous meanings.


His work forms tableaux representing human contexts; through a filtering and developmental process of exploring contemporary narratives and historical mythologies.


Teager-Portman employs materials associated with classical and modernist sculpture such as plaster, bronze and stone. His work uses gestural and tactile handling of these traditional materials in a contemporary, innovative and exploratory manner.


Within making he is engaged with research – specifically the reintegration of archaic processes, metallurgical alloying and the transition between materials.  With his sculptures he implements successive processes and treatments, with particular concentration on finishing the surface of works with polychromy and patinas.


His work is reversionist with its enquiry into traditional contexts, themes and processes – contemporising the endeavour of figurative making within sculpture.       


Teager-Portman’s work is concerned with humanity; its hopes and fears, triumphs and failures, its inevitabilities and its desire for permanence. 

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